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Diet and weight lossThe Long Way to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not an easy matter. It takes a strong determination and an unyielding spirit. Most importantly, identify the root of the problem.

Not once or twice, Adhi, an employee at an office in Jakarta, tried to lose weight. He tried various ways. Starting to try to adjust the diet, but not actively exercising, or vice versa, actively exercising but the diet is still chaotic. "All that did not give the results I expected," said Adhi. The scales of his body move in the range of 71.2 kilograms.

Last October 2014, his office coincidentally held a 66-day Wellness Revolution Program. This program is for employees who are overweight or obese. Adhi did not miss the opportunity. "I fall into the overweight category. I am determined to reduce my weight by 8 kg to 10 kg," said Adhi.

He got two main keys to losing weight from that program: regular exercise and managing his diet. He chose swimming because this sport is very good for him. "I made up my mind, swimming regularly 3-4 times a week," said Adhi, who also does the recommended exercise, such as sit-ups, push-ups, and planks.

Adhi also began to adjust their diet. In the morning, he eats fruits, such as bananas, mangoes, apples, boiled eggs, and yogurt. Sometimes he also eats Lemper or sticky rice. "I have said 'no' to all types of fried food. I no longer touch the available fried foods," he said.

During the day, Adhi eats more vegetables and fruits and gradually reduces rice. He chose clear spinach or vegetable tamarind, or capcai. On weekends, he usually orders fish with boiled potatoes, such as grilled salmon or dory. He also drank more water than sugary and fizzy drinks.

In essence, Adhi regulates that the number of calories that enter the body every day does not exceed the calorie requirement per day of 1,500. This figure was determined when participating in the Wellness program from a need of 2,000 calories.

"I record all the food I eat through the 'MyFitnessPal' application. In the application, which can be downloaded on an Android or iOS operating system, various types of food are listed with their calorie measurements. As a result, on day 22, Adhi's weight dropped by 1.9 kg to 69.2 kg. On the 44th day, his weight fell again to 67 kg; on the 66th day, his weight became 63.3 kg.

"This means that in 66 days, I lost almost 8 kilograms. My waist circumference has decreased by 14 cm."

Terrorizing consciousness

A little different from Adhi, Imam also participates in the same program as Adhi. At first, he was confused about what he should do to lose weight. Upon entering the training room, Imam felt invited to do the impossible.

"I tried not to argue with what the instructor said even though some of the logic, in my opinion, sounded absurd. For example, does each meal have to think about the number of calories eaten," said Imam.

He also felt heavy with the instructions to eat rice with only half a fish and meat, which was only three knuckles long by three fingers wide. "But in the end, I'd better open myself to suggestions that the instructor thinks everyone can do," said Imam.

As a result, his body weight decreased by 9 kg in two months, from 97 kg to 88 kg. Abdominal circumference decreased by 4 cm, from 100 cm to 96 cm. Now she wears a size 34 jeans, whereas before she wore a size 38.

Heal her roots

Weight loss consultant from the Lighthouse Clinic, Dr. Grace Judio, said that efforts to lose weight by regulating calorie intake and exercising were appropriate. Therefore, a deficit of 7,000 calories will reduce body weight by 1 kg.

Therefore, the initial stage of the weight loss process is done by reducing the calorie intake that enters the body. How to plan food (meal planning) or regulate the number of calories entering the body. "You can memorize the number of calories in food, read a book, or look at a guide," says Grace. She is also a consultant for obesity and eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

However, said Grace, losing weight is the same as lowering a fever. Just as a fever is a symptom of an illness, so is weight. "Weight is a symptom of something. If the root is not healed, it can relapse again," said Grace, who also does behavior change therapy for children and adults.

The key to curing weight problems is self-control when it comes to food. However, Grace said, the solution for weight loss efforts is never single.

"Everyone should also know what risks will be faced from the efforts made. It's not necessarily a disease, but there are risks, such as people who have lost weight will gain weight more quickly," said Grace.